The Lovely Valencia

I realize that I am incredibly biased, but I love Valencia! Our adventures there lasted exactly 4 hours but were quite fulfilling. Valencia is known as the birthplace of paella. And of course we had to try this most authentic beauty. Dr. Miller found a place that does take out paella, pan and all. These pans are quite large. Easily 3 feet in diameter and filled with pure yumminess. Traditional Valencian paella has escargot, rabbit, chicken, and vegetables in it. We got this in addition to a mariscos and a vegetable paella. 3 paellas and it took 8 of us to carry those beauties down 4 blocks to a park where we settled in for probably the best picnic this world has ever known. There were children frolicking in the background and occasional firecracker explosions due to the proximity of the Las Falles festival the next weekend. But I had not a care in the world as we feasted. To top everything off, super flaky apple tarts for desserts. It was so very fantastically beautiful.

After our picnic, we scattered for 3 hours of free time. I headed straight for my home: the science museum. I can’t rave enough about this place. Even the outside is just breathtaking. The whole complex includes a concert hall, the science museum, and an ocean museum. It is the picture of modernism in architecture. Inside were 3 floors of hands on exhibitions of science related topics. The first thing we ran into were a series of activities dealing with the brain and memory! There were games testing memory, explanations on how to improve memory, fMRI scans, case studies on Alzheimer’s Disease, perception games, and even a video of a guy dissecting a brain! You could say that I was head over heels in love! We headed through a series of physics representations of sound, electricity, light, and magnetism. I played with some cool sound pipes and optical illusions. Upstairs (after passing a huge ant form and several scary looking spiders) we rant into probably 50 interactive displays on the human body. There were heart slices, brain slices, neuron models, blood pressure cuffs, tests of muscular strength, balance games, taste testing, smell testing, an infa-red camera, temperature games, and loads more that I am probably forgetting about. I obviously adored the brain info, but there was also a 2 story model of DNA that I would love to have in my bathroom.

After that we encountered displaces on space and several hundred dinosaur bones. The place was like Disneyland for me! I was very sad when I had to leave because the time passed much to quickly for my taste. Before loading the bus back to Alcala, we soaked in the view of the city while sipping on authentic Valencian horchata. Like I said, I could be biased, but Valencia seems to be the place where dreams come true!


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