There are a few things that are so universal that a language barrier is not detrimental. One is the Spirit as it speaks directly to one’s heart to deliver guidance and comfort. Magic, I would say, is another form that speaks directly to one’s childlike demeanor inside and the very human sense of wonder that it is able to instill. We went to the international magic show in Madrid, bringing together some of the best magicians from around the world. I enjoyed it more than I can say! I sat in complete rapture as I watched some truly incredible feats and, for once, the Spanish flowed and I could understand exactly what the natives were trying to convey to me. It was a truly beautiful experience as I watched small children and elderly citizens interact with people from all over the world speaking several different languages. My cheeks hurt at the end from how much I was smiling! Where else do social and cultural difference melt away as everyone is drawn together in a sense of astonishment and childlike enchantment? Suddenly I wasn’t worried about verb conjugations or whether I was holding my knife and fork the proper way. I didn’t care that I was in a foreign country surrounded with others who may have grown up in vastly different situations. In that moment, we were all members of the human race as we stared in disbelief at the magician levitating before our eyes. The way social prejudices and worries of the future disappeared was like… magic.


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