Spring in the Plaza Cervantes

There is nothing quite like the Plaza de Cervantes on a Sunday afternoon. Especially at the first sign of spring which frees the residents of the cruel imprisonment of winter’s long chilly nights. It is a festival. An unplanned celebration of life and the beautiful relief of joining with neighbors and strangers alike to share in the warm weather’s invitation of togetherness. The heavenly smell of freshly made gofres wafts through the air as the squeals of delighted children playing hide and seek behind the lampposts peals above the crowds. The chirping of birds plays as background music to the shuffling of feet with no particular place to be and the gossip of two friends that walk arm in arm. The sun shines softly through the many colored flowers just beginning to open in the recently upturned soil, so fresh that the smell of wet earth lingers. The soft lawn is bountiful with life as armies of butterflies and bees, newly reborn, float among the crisp, green, blades of grass. The soft breeze billows through the coats, long since shed along the backs of the heavily occupied benches. Lovers embrace, children run, and life begins anew as the weather welcomes us all to spring.



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