Market Day in Alcala

Monday markets in Alcala are a beautiful thing. I find it quite unfortunate that I’ve only had the opportunity to go to a couple. They are a bustle of activity as the day and the work week begins. Rows and rows of stalls containing every kind of merchandise imaginable: clothing, shoes, housewares, electronics, pet supplies, jewelry, make up, and a bustling row devoted to the freshest produce. As you amble down the middle of the aisle you watch as the venders hustle to set up their products, smell the fresh vegetables, and hear the cries of every vender promising that they have the cheapest, freshest, juiciest carrots and mangos around. It’s an uncomfortable, fascinating, wonderful display of Spanish showmanship. Just a year ago, this would not be a place I would adventure through. However, I’ve learned to see the beauty in the chaos of Spanish marketplaces. Understanding the language helps a lot too, of course. Wanting to share in the experience, I bought a kilo de zanahorias y un medio kilo de fresas. They were a perfect treat on a beautiful spring day.


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