Rollin’ With It

“Come what may and love it” has become a life motto of mine. As a mortal with a tendency of anxiety, I struggle with a need for control in my environment. This big crazy universe is a bit daunting at times and I think the illusion that I can predict, order, and ultimately control my surroundings is somewhat comforting. But here’s the skinny. I have almost zero control compared to what I do have. Sure, I can control myself, this is the very essence of the BEAUTIFUL gift of agency that God has given me. But everything else… nada. However, there is a supreme creator who loves me. And He has my best interest in mind as His Plan goes forward. More and more I’ve realized the necessity of “aceptar la voluntad y el tiempo del Senor”. And love it because it’s mortality and it’s supposed to be a crazy learning experience. SO as I pray for guidance in my decisions and life I should be open and have faith even if I get he answer that something needs to change. With my little mortal brain, that’s a hard pill to swallow. But I have the utmost faith in my Heavenly Father’s love and Plan for me. I have felt in such a real and heart changing way. Traveling here has only taught me the importance of being flexible and loving what comes when I have the Spirit with me.


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