The dance of the flamenco dancer

Flamenco was already magic to me, pure magic. But after experiencing real flamenco; world famous dancer Sara Baras, someone who even locals go to see, I have been even more enthralled. These tickets were expensive and sold out quickly. For good reason! The show was 2 hours of the most amazing display of dance and rhythm I could have ever wanted! There were several “acts” that included her solo dancing, an incredible male solo dancing, solo singing that filled the silence so spectacularly that I could have sworn there were two singers, solo guitarists with their usual ability to pull feelings I didn’t know I had from my very soul, back up dancers that joined in for some AMAZING group dances with their dresses and shawls spinning in mesmerizing patterns, a group duet dance where two passionate lovers intertwined in expressive movement until he stabbed her and stood over her lifeless body, and at least 3 encore numbers. I was riveted, I was moved, I can’t get the beauty of it out of my head. The solos by Sara were just electric. Even when she wasn’t furiously tapping her 64th notes in 12 beat time, her stillness invoked a captivated, almost reverent silence in the audience. It was as if the entire audience collectively held their breath. Flamenco is one of the most intriguing art forms I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.


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