The Heavenly Moorish Baths of Madrid

If you want to know relaxation, visiting the Moorish baths is your best bet. As is with true Moorish style, they were underground. The only lighting was from muted skylights and the flickering of about a hundred candles. Above the steaming water floated the quite hushed strains of traditional Arabic music. The place exuded a sense of timelessness; and in truth, it was the fastest hour and half session of my life. There were three baths: hot, cold, and perfectly warm. Somehow they found the perfect body temperature and it felt as if I was floating in pure space, perfectly comfortable (aside from my pruney fingers). In a room surrounded and full of cushioned benches sprang several tea spickets directly from the wall. Down the hall lies a steam room with eucalyptus. It did wonders for my pores and sinuses. After we emerged, life renewed, we found all sorts of lotions, gels, and perfumes in the bathroom. We also could have gotten a massage. You don’t know you need such an experience until you finish it. I didn’t know such things existed, because if I had I would have hunted one down long before. TO complete the day: a trip to the San Miguel market for black paella and a pineapple mango smoothie.


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